First day in Auckland

Janey picked us up and proceeds to spend most of the trip saying to Megan “you’re staying at Sky City, right?”. I think this is a ruse to put me off the scent, but it turns out Jane doesn’t know the hotel is supposed to be a surprise. Is the surprise ruined? After dropping off at Janes place, and meeting Dusty again (with attendant lots of ear tickling), we wander off to the local mall in search of money, birthday wrapping paper and other stuff. We get a takeaway box of sushi and sashimi (which I’m dubious about, as we’re off to a meal later on) and saunter back to Janeys. Dusty likes his portion of salmon, and I must have been more hungry than I thought, ‘cos mine goes down really quickly too. Janey drops us off at the hotel – it is a surprise, a big surprise. It’s called the Rendezvous and has a really cool reception area. Again reception high jinks sets in, their system is not issuing electronic cards at the moment, and the lass on front desk is convinced Megan has ordered two rooms (deja vu of Hong Kong). Presently, the mixup is de-mixed and we’re off upstairs in tow of the porter with his clothes truck.

The room is … big. Very big. This explains the confusion downstairs, as we actually have a suite. Three tellys (one in the bathroom), Jacuzzi bath, balcony, dining area, massive bed and walk-in dressing room. This is very big indeed and Megan has completely topped herself in this area! Yours truly strips off and decides to run the bath. Various large amounts of water are splish-splashed about as it becomes clear that I don’t know how to switch between the shower and bath. Once the bubbles were activated (hint: it helps to turn the bath on), I luxuriate in watching the telly whilst having a bath.