a restart

The last entry on this blog was over two years ago – that’s a long time, it’s time enough to have half a new career or to see the end of one career and the beginning of the next or to move across the world and see what life is like ‘on the other side’ and certainly time enough to reflect somewhat on what’s important and what isn’t – well it has been for me, but as they say YMMV.

I’ll be taking a new direction here and hope that some of it will be of interest to people I’ve known and to new people I’ve not met as yet.

I may flush this blog entirely and start anew. We’ll see – nothing is permanent after all.

James Altucher is someone I admire a lot, and he says he waits until he has that feeling of being scared before pressing ‘Publish’.

Now, let’s hit ‘Publish’ and see what happens.